League of Legends Builds: A Comprehensive Guide

Following the release of the game in 2009, League of Legends has advanced in many ways, especially in the eSports industry. Today, the world championships are the most-watched sporting events with viewers from different parts of the world.

League of Legends is also graced with players spread across different parts of the world. This is in addition to the competitive eSports scene that the game offers with is among the fiercest available. For active players of the game, advancing through the league’s ranking to glory will require conscious efforts. This includes developing different tactics and strategies, as well as creating the best builds in the game.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn league of legends how to build champions to suit your game style.

League of Legends Builds: What are they?

One interesting thing about LoL is that you can customize champions with unique items, skill upgrades, and rune choices. A combination of these customizable features makes up a champion build. The champion’s build path is the strategy you plan to use in upgrading your abilities and items.

A common misconception among many is that LoL is just another battle arena game. However, it is important to note that the game is more than just a battle arena game. The game is primarily determined by the champion selection as well as the respective build paths for each champion. With this, it is worth mentioning that champions that can’t scale quickly enough will not catch up easily every if they have powerful final compositions. The same applies to champions that lack the ability to attack protected enemies.

What are Runes

Runes are character skill buffs and the stat that are chosen at the beginning of the game. In League of Legends, there are five rune paths that a player can choose from. These are Domination, Inspiration, Resolve, Sorcery, and Precision. They are then translated to buffs in burst damage, miscellaneous effects, tank, utility, and sustained damage, respectively.

Every player is expected to choose a minimum of four buffs from each primary rune set. The player is also to choose two buffs from each secondary rune set. Another key thing to note is that the first step in crafting amazing League of Legends builds is selecting proper runes.

Continue reading if you are wondering how you can identify these runes and know the best set to choose from.

How to Optimize your LoL Builds

Every champion in the game begins at level one. In this level, the champions are without items. However, the selected ruins at the begin will be added to champions before the beginning of a round. Also, before proceeding to the next match, it is important for players to pay attention to enemies and allied champions. Try to identify loopholes in your team and ensure that they are not exploited.

You can flex pick certain champions, and this implies that you can play such champions in different positions. These champions are also great for the versatility that they offer. With these champions, you can be confident that you will not be countered easily.

When picking runes, the most important thing to ensure is that you pick runes that can help the deficiencies of your team.

At the beginning of each round, every player is given up to 500 gold with which they buy items before they earn more gold as they advance in the game. There is also an in-game shop where you can get build recommendations for each champion. What’s more, is that these suggestions are usually with respect to opposing teams.

Beginners are often advised to use the recommendations until they fully understand the game. It is worth mentioning that the recommended builds are not always the best possible builds to use.

As you progress with the game, always remember to pay attention to the scaling potential of your enemies. Can your team counter the formidable enemies?

Here are a few examples of some of the champion builds on League of Legends:

  1. Void Staff + Rabadon’sDeathcap + Veigar

The Void staff and the Rabadon’sdeathcap are best at boosting AP burst damage, while Veigar offers great burst damage and huge AoE stun. This is an awesome combo to try out.

  1. Glacial Augment Rune + Senna

This is a great pair to use because of the benefits they offer each other. Asides from that, Senna is a flex pick, and you can play it as a support and as a carry. This build is one of the best on the game, and you can start with this.

There are so many other champions builds to use on League of Legends, but we’ve mentioned just two. You can also try out your own build to see just how well they’d perform.

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