The 7 Most Effective Hybrid STRAINS!

In the cannabis world, sativas are thought to be the stimulating head high strains, while indicas are thought to be the intense, sedating body high strains. While these effects generalizations may have been true once upon a time, the truth is that only a few 100 percent sativa or 100 percent indica genotypes are available to the market – if they even exist at all. The majority of us are simply hybrid smokers.

Cannabis breeders have spent decades mixing pure sativa genetics with pure indica genetics in the goal of generating the “ideal” Hybrid Cannabis strain for every user. As a result, we now have thousands of strains that can make us feel a variety of emotions. With so many hybrid alternatives available, picking the appropriate one based on efficiency can be difficult.

Here are five of the best hybrid cannabis strains ever to help you relax after hours of reading dispensary menus.

OG Kush Is A Cannabis Strain

Original Kush, also known as OG Kush, has been the backbone of California cannabis culture and genetics since its inception in the 1990s. As a consequence, present isn’t a nervous tension out there so as to hasn’t be cross with it, in addition to regardless of the angry the Kush distinctiveness be more often than not fairly well-known Despite its reputation, no single know for certain which genetics give birth in the direction of OG Kush. We merely know what we know.

The strong effects of OG Kush are best suited for those who can handle a high THC content. The high is typically a powerful cerebral bliss that leaves users relaxed and giddy that is stoned for hours at a time. OG Kush isn’t known for being a drowsy strain, despite the fact that you can absolutely smoke yourself into the couch with massive amounts.


They have to include Sam the Skunk man’s Skunk in the same breath as OG Kush and its influence on contemporary hybrids. It’s a classic cross of Afghani and Colombian Gold, Acapulco gold, and it’s famous for its strong funk and skunk aroma. It’s also been utilized to generate several of the world’s favourite strains, the most popular of which being Cheese, since the 1970s.

The Skunk high usually leaves individuals feeling joyful, relaxed, and uplifted, despite the skunk terpenes. This might be the mix for you if you need a daytime strain to get you through a normal Monday.


Gas all we can think have when we see Chemdog is gas. This iconic variety, whose origins can be traced back to some bag seed discovered at a Grateful Dead concert in the 1970s, is the reason we all enjoy cannabis flowers with a distinct flavor character. No one really knows its genetic history, like with other old school breeds.

They do know about the infamous chemmy terpene profile and the ensuing incredibly strong high. Chemdog is the epitome of cannabis that keeps you glued to your sofa. A couple of hits could put you in too much of a high to do anything. Because of its mind-numbing effects that spread fast throughout the body, it’s better to drink this mixture at the end of the day, or even at night.

Widow In White

It’s a lot of joy to smoke White Widow. It’s one of my go-to strains when I’m looking for a strain that makes me feel happy and carefree. With a thick, white layer of trichomes, the blossoms are stunning. White Widow is a hybrid between a Brazilian and a South Indian landrace. It’s the ideal blend of a long-lasting experience with effects that won’t you out. Anyone searching for a low-key but social high should probably come here.

Cake For Weddings

Wedding Cake appears to be the most popular hybrid cannabis strain right now. It’s a genotype of Seed Junky’s Triangle Mints strain, named after the vanilla frosting flavor it’s said to have. Unfortunately, many of us simply associate it with earthy dough. The effects are similar to those of OG Kush and GSC, which are anytime hybrids that create a robust, long-lasting euphoria with a focus on the mind.

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