Taking Portraits to New Heights: Best Photo Editing Apps

Portrait photography is an art form that captures the essence of a person, conveying their personality, emotions, and character through a single image. While capturing a great portrait begins with a skilled photographer and a well-composed shot, the magic often happens during post-processing. In this digital age, photo editing apps have become essential tools for enhancing and perfecting portrait photography. Whether you’re a professional portrait photographer or an enthusiast looking to elevate your portrait game, the right editing app can make a significant difference. In this article, we’ll explore the best photo editing apps for taking your portraits to new heights.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a top-tier photo editing app renowned for its powerful and versatile editing tools. It offers precise control over exposure, color correction, and fine-tuning, making it ideal for portrait photography. Lightroom’s selective editing tools allow you to make targeted adjustments to specific areas of your portraits, enhancing details, and highlighting the subject’s features. The app’s extensive range of presets also simplifies the process of achieving various portrait styles and moods.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed, developed by Google, is a user-friendly yet powerful photo editing app. It provides a variety of tools for portrait enhancement, including Tune Image, which allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Snapseed also offers Portrait mode, which can automatically detect and enhance the subject’s face, providing a quick and effective way to improve portrait photos. The app’s selective editing feature enables precise adjustments to specific areas, such as eyes, skin, and hair.


VSCO is celebrated for its elegant filters and presets that can give your portraits a unique and visually appealing look. The app’s editing tools allow for fine-tuning exposure, contrast, and color balance, ensuring that your portraits look their best. VSCO also provides skin tone adjustments to help you achieve natural and flattering skin tones in your portraits. With its minimalist interface, VSCO offers a seamless editing experience.

4. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is a comprehensive photo editing app that caters to both basic and advanced editing needs. It offers a range of features tailored to enhance portrait photography. Afterlight 2 provides tools for skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and red-eye removal, allowing you to perfect your subject’s appearance. The app also offers advanced filters and textures for creative editing and unique portrait styles.

5. Facetune

Facetune is a specialized app designed for portrait retouching and enhancement. It offers a wide range of tools for perfecting skin, teeth, and hair. With Facetune, you can remove blemishes, smooth skin, and enhance facial features with precision. The app also provides artistic filters and effects for creative portrait editing. Facetune’s intuitive interface and real-time editing previews make it a valuable tool for portrait photographers.

6. Darkroom

Darkroom is a professional-grade photo editing app that excels in color correction and tonal adjustments, making it ideal for portrait photography. Its precise control over exposure, contrast, and color balance ensures that your portraits achieve the desired look. Darkroom’s intuitive interface and real-time editing previews make it a user-friendly choice for enhancing the visual appeal of your portraits.

7. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is a specialized app for removing unwanted objects and imperfections from your portraits. It allows you to retouch and clean up your photos seamlessly, whether it’s removing blemishes, distractions, or stray hairs. The app’s advanced retouching tools ensure that your portraits look flawless and polished.

8. PortraitPro

PortraitPro is a dedicated portrait retouching app that uses artificial intelligence to enhance portraits automatically. It provides a range of tools for skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye enhancement. PortraitPro also allows you to adjust facial features like the eyes, nose, and mouth for a perfectly balanced and flattering portrait.

9. AirBrush

AirBrush is a user-friendly app designed for quick and easy portrait retouching. It offers features like blemish removal, teeth whitening, and skin smoothing. AirBrush’s real-time editing previews and user-friendly interface make it suitable for on-the-go portrait enhancements.

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is a versatile photo editing app with a wide range of tools for portrait photography. It offers features like color correction, exposure adjustments, and skin retouching. Pixlr’s ability to work with layers and blending modes allows for more advanced editing and creative experimentation, making it a valuable tool for portrait photographers looking to add artistic flair to their images.

Tips for Enhancing Portrait Photography

  • Use Natural Light: Whenever possible, capture portraits in natural light to achieve soft and flattering illumination.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Ensure that your subject maintains eye contact with the camera to create a connection and capture genuine expressions.
  • Pay Attention to Composition: Focus on composition, including framing, background, and subject positioning, to create visually appealing portraits.
  • Communicate and Connect: Establish rapport and communicate with your subject to capture authentic emotions and expressions.
  • Experiment with Angles: Try different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering and interesting views of your subject.


Portrait photography is a captivating genre that allows you to capture the essence of individuals and tell their stories through images. The best photo editing apps are essential tools for enhancing and perfecting your portrait photos. Whether you’re looking to achieve natural and flattering portraits or explore creative and artistic styles, these apps provide the tools and features to take your portrait photography to new heights. Experiment with different apps, techniques, and styles to find the perfect editing workflow for your unique vision and storytelling.

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